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From preparation of advanced materials...

... to the study of their functioning at the molecular level.

The Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory (LCS) is renowned for its research on porous materials, with strong skills in the design and preparation of microporous materialssuch as zeolitesand the study of porous materials by operando spectroscopyThis means observing the material as closely as possible to its operating conditions. Thanks to these complementary skills, the LCS occupies a unique position in the study and optimization of catalytic or adsorption processes, with multiple applications in the fields of materials for energy conversion or pollution control.

Nos tutelles

Our teams

The laboratory’s expertise is based on 2 teams:

  • Spectrocat: development of in situ and operando spectroscopies for molecular-scale understanding of heterogeneous catalysis, adsorption, separation and …
  • Zeolites : Rational design and synthesis of porous zeolitic materials for various applications in catalysis, adsorption, sensor …

Our facilities

The LCS boasts state-of-the-art equipment, grouped together in 4 technical platforms:

  • SYNTHESIS – Materials synthesis and adsorptiometry
  • VISIO – In situ and operando vibrational spectroscopy
  • NMR – Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • CATALYST– Catalytic testing

Research at the Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory

  • Upgrading and transformation of energy resources (methane, hydrogen, bioresources, etc.)
  • Production of clean fuels or major intermediates for the chemical industry.
  • New applications and processes, advanced conversion techniques (heterogeneous catalysis, plasma catalysis, photocatalysis, etc.).
  • Pollution control (NOx, SOx, VOCs, soot, etc.) from fixed or mobile sources, Air purification
  • Gas separation (CO2, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • CO2 recovery


SpectroCat 2024 International Symposium: ICC 2024 sattelite event


Advanced spectroscopies and operando characterizations for catalysis

The main aim of the SPECTROCAT symposium, organized in Caen from July 10 to 12, 2024 and under the auspices of the 18th ICC, is to bring together researchers involved in the spectroscopic characterization or microscopic imaging of catalytic systems.

It will be a unique occasion to present and discuss the latest developments and perspectives in advanced spectroscopies and microscopies for in situ and operando characterizations of catalysts under model conditions or in their operating state.

News and Events

recrutement technicien
News and Events
Recrutement: Technicien-ne électrotechnicien-ne (BAP C)

Poste réservé aux titulaires et CDI CNRS & fonction publique L’électrotechnicien-ne recruté(e) sera chargé(e) de réaliser, à partir de schémas, l’implantation des matériels, le montage, le câblage et le test des dispositifs électrotechniques ; Il/elle aura également pour mission d’assurer

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Journées scientifiques 2024 LABEX EMC3 - GS-MES
News and Events

Les jeudi 13 et vendredi 14 juin 2023 se tiendront les journées scientifiques conjointes du LabEx EMC3 et de la Graduate School Materials & Energy Sciences à Ensicaen – Campus 2 – Bâtiment A – Caen. Antonella Esposito et Antoine MAIGNAN représenteront le LabEx EMC3 et

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