The zeolite group at the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectroscopy (LCS) is led by Dr. Valentin Valtchev (Research Director, CNRS). (https://www.lcs.ensicaen.fr/en/valentinvaltchev/)

The group pursues the design of zeolite molecular sieves and related nanoporous materials by in situ and post-synthesis control of their physicochemical properties. The Zeolite Crystal Engineering approach the team applies secures the efficient use of zeolites in heterogeneous catalysis, gas separations, and storage medium. The topics of current interest include nanosized and hierarchical zeolites for CO2 capture and storage, methane activation, fossil and renewables hydrocarbons processing, and plastics recycling. Nanozeolites as medical carriers and gas hydrates for CH4, CO2, and H2 storage are also the focus of the group.

The Centre for Zeolites and Nanoporous Materials CLEAR is an integral part of the Zeolite group at LCS. (https://clear.cnrs.fr/mintova/)

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