In the frame of our E3C3 Interreg program, LCS in Caen (Dr Thibault-Starzyk) and the CoMo group in Cambridge (Dr Kraft) collaborate on catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 for producing last generation biofuels and sustainable renewable fuels. Cold plasma is a new method for performing CO2 dissociation and its reaction with hydrogen efficiently, but other approaches are under study.

We organise a three days workshop on this topic, to gather together, in a remote and quiet place, members of the INTERREG project with international experts in the use of reactive plasma and of CO2 dissociation and valorisation processes. In situ diagnostic and operando monitoring will particularly be discussed. The place chosen for this workshop is the small island of Tatihou, within walking distance (at very low tide) of the Cotentin peninsula, in Normandy. This isolated and quiet place is ideal for an efficient and reasonably sized workshop. The dates of the workshop will be 2-5 March 2014, and there will be place for 30 people. The announcement was published on http://www.e3c3.eu/actualites (see attached)

If you are interested, please contact Frederic Thibault-Starzyk <fts@lcs.cnrs.fr>. Accommodation and registration costs will be paid by the INTERREG project.
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