Post-doctoral fellow in preparation of multi-scale carbonaceous materials M/F


The main objective of the project is to develop and characterize multi-scale carbonaceous materials for applications in the field of energy and catalysis. More specifically, the project will develop catalytic materials optimized for the conversion of methane into biocarbon, liquids and solidified gaseous products in the form of hydrates. The catalytic route considered is non-oxidative conversion in an electrified reactor, in order to provide the optimal carbon/liquid phase ratio and to maximize methane conversion.


The postdoctoral fellow will be in charge of a research project emphasizing the advanced synthesis of modern carbonaceous materials and the use of an electrified reactor in order to maximize the envisaged non-oxidative catalytic conversion. The study of the effect of different synthesis parameters on the resulting carbon structures (in macro-, micro- and nanoscopic form) will be particularly important. The data thus obtained will serve as a basis and/or confirmation to rationalize and optimize the design of new generation catalysts which will allow a higher conversion of methane, a simpler heat management thanks to the use of a fluidized bed reactor electrified. This project will therefore improve the use of carbon and circumvent the bottlenecks of current technologies by bringing higher value products to the market.


The candidate:
– should have a PhD in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering or Physics or Engineering Physics or a related field.
– Relevant experience in the synthesis of carbonaceous materials is required.
– Solid experience in the use of catalytic reactors and/or in catalytic processes in general is desirable.
– Be familiar with the field of nanoporous materials (synthesis and characterization) in the broad sense.
-We are looking for a highly motivated candidate who can collaborate in an interdisciplinary team and work independently.
– Be proficient in oral and written communication.
– Mastery of English is indispensable.

Work Context

The project will be supervised by Valentin Valtchev (1st class research director, CNRS). The work will be carried out at the LCS – Laboratoire Catalyse & Spectrochimie ( located in Caen.
The LCS has built its reputation on the operando spectroscopy of catalysts, that is to say on the observation of materials in the chemical reactor, in real time and during the reaction. Since 2009, the LCS has also been recognized worldwide for its research in the design of complex microporous materials, such as modern zeolite materials, with very specific and adjustable properties. Combining very strong poles in synthesis, in infrared spectroscopy, but also in NMR and Raman spectroscopy, the LCS occupies a unique place to carry out competitive research of the highest level in the field of energy, bioresources and materials. The selected candidate will be attached to UMR6506 and the zeolite team led by Dr. Valentin Valtchev.

Constraints and risks

Short trips to different places in France and/or Europe are likely depending on the health situation.

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