Synthesis of Zeolite Nanoparticles for Environmental Applications

phD defense of  Hussein AWALA

Friday, June 27th 10:30 (Salle des thèses en Sciences 3)

Zeolite nanoparticles with diverse pore architectures, high external surface area, micro/mesoporosity, define particle size and morphology open the door for advanced applications. In addition to catalysis, separation and ion exchange processes, nanosized zeolites assembled in films and three-dimensional constructs are used as optical devices, separation membranes and reactors for immobilization of chemical sensitive compounds.
In this work the synthesis procedure for nanosized zeolites (FAU and EMT- framework types) from organic-template-free precursor suspensions is developed. Besides, seed-assisted approach is applied for preparation of high silica BEA-type zeolite. In addition, environmentally friendly synthesis of nanosized zeolites at ambient condition using rice husk ash as a silica source is developed. The crystallization and transformation processes of eight zeolites in organic-free precursor suspensions are studied in details. Finally, the applications of nanosized zeolites for (1) purification of water (removal of heavy metals and pesticides), (2) stabilization of methylene blue, (3) inhibition of palm oil oxidation, (4) Bragg stacks chemical sensors, and (5) antireflection coatings are demonstrated

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