Replay de Svetlana Mintova au colloque de l’UNAM – 16 avril 2021

Nanocolloquium Series Spring 2021

Les séminaires UNAM  se concentrent sur les avancées dans le domaine des nanosciences et des nanotechnologies. Les séminaires présentent les développements les plus récents dans ces domaines passionnants.
Date et heure : 16 avril 2021 – 16:00 via Zoom

Subject: Advancements in nanosized zeolites This presentation will review the progress made in the field of nanosized zeolites including the synthesis, advanced characterizations and related applications. A great effort has been dedicated in recent years to improving the fundamental understanding of zeolite synthesis process, with the overall aim of increasing control over the zeolite properties and structure. The latest studies on zeolite crystallization in colloidal (clear) suspensions prepared by addition of organic or inorganic structural directing agents in comparison to traditional gel synthesis will be revealed. Further understanding on the imperative dependence of zeolite crystallization kinetics’ on the nature and mode of mixing of the initial reactants, leading to the formation of amorphous particles, intermediates, and final crystalline zeolites will be discussed. The first one-pot synthesis of point defect-free nanosized MFI-type zeolite by introducing atomically dispersed metals, as a defect-preventing elements will be presented. The incorporation of metals (Mo, W) in nanosized MFI crystals also modifies other important properties such as (i) structural features, (ii) hydrophobicity (absence of silanols), and (iii) Lewis acidity. Finally examples on the advanced applications of nanosized zeolites in the design of optical devices and medical uses will be given.Prof. Dr. Svetlana Mintova – CNRS, ENSICAEN, Normandy University

Svetlana Mintova is Director of Research, 1st Class in Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Laboratoire Catalyse et Spectrochimie (LCS), School of Engineering and Normandy University – Caen, France, and Invited Professor in China University of Petroleum, Qingdao, China. She received her PhD from the Technological University of Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1992. Following academic appointments at the Bulgarian Academy of Science and University of Munich (LMU), Germany, she was appointed as a senior researcher at the CNRS, France, in 2006. She is the recipient of the Baron Axel Cronstedt award from the Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA, 2014), the Donald Breck award from the International Zeolite Association (IZA, 2016), the Qingdao award in recognition for social and research contributions (2019), and the Shandong International Science and Technology Cooperation Award (2019). She is a council member of the IZA, the FEZA, and the Chair of the “Synthesis Commission” of the IZA .

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