LCS is a member of Labex EMC3


The EMC3 projet named « Energy Materials and Clean Combustion Center » is a « Laboratoire d\’Excellence » (Excellence research center)

The research centre is dedicated to Materials for Energy and Clean Combustion.

Supported by the CNRS, it joins 7 Norman laboratories:

4 laboratories in Caen (CIMAP, CRISMAT, LCMT and LCS),
2 laboratories in Rouen (CORIA, GPM),
1 laboratory in Le Havre (LOMC).

Involving 700 researchers including more than 200 PhD student, the EMC3 activities focus on materials for energy recovery, safety of nuclear installations, development of new materials from eco-friendly methods and on the improvement of fuel, combustion, exhaust gas decontamination and thermal energy recovery.

More information ion the web site of Labex EMC3

Member Laboratories


CRISMAT: Laboratory of Cristallography and Materials Sciences

The purpose of CRISMAT is to contribute to technological innovation in the fields of energy and information & communication technology, combining basic research of the highest level and applied research. CIRSMAT is internationaly recognized for its ability to discover new oxides with remarkable properties such as supraconductivity, colossale magnetoresistance, thermoelectricity…


CORIA : Aerothermochimistry Interprofessionnal Research Complex

The CORIA areas of research cover basic and applied studies on reactive and non-reactive flows: biphasic flows, turbulent minxing phenomena, combustion, plasma, etc. Furthermore the physical mechanisms and processes leading to polluting emission reduction are its research priorities.


CIMAP : Ions, Materials and Photonic Research Centre

Research conducted at CIMAP concerns the following areas: ion-matter interaction, excited materials relaxation, materials defects, and materials for laser, photonics and electronics. CIMAP also hosts interdisciplinary research inside the facilities of the National Heavy Ions Grand Accelerator (GANIL)


GPM : Materials Physics Group

GPM research covers phases transformations and phenomena of segregation or diffusion, magnetic properties and (metals and semi-conductors) nanomaterials mechanics and instrumentation. GPM is especially interested in kinetics, facing numerical simulation and experimentation. Irridation and intense deformation effects are also studied.


LOMC : Laboratory of Waves and Complexed Media

LOMC purposes are the study of mechanic wave propagations (ultrasonic acoustics or non linear waves and liquid instabilities),complex media behaviours (porous environment, composite materials, ionized media) with applications in port and coastal enginering, geo-environnement or non-destructing testing of structures.


LCMT : Laboratory of Molecular and Thio-organic Chemistry

LCMT activities aim to the preparation of new drugs and new synthetic intermediates as well as the study of new molecular materials. Research developed at LCMT has applications in medecine, agrochemistry, composite materials, catalytic materials and materials for energy.


LCS : Laboratoire of Catalysis and Spectrochimistry

LCS synthesizes and studies solid catalystsfor applications in environmental and sustainable activities. Possessing a strong position in IR, Raman and NMR spectroscopies, LCS has an unique place in the field of automotive depollution (exhaust catalysts), power generation (refining, biofuels) and bioresources.

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