5th LCS Workshop “Zeolites: Prospects & Challenges”

The 5th LCS Workshop “Zeolites: Prospects & Challenges” will take place at L’hôtel Thalazur, Ouistreham from April 25, 2016 through April 27.


Scientific Program

Keynotes 30 mins (25 ‘+ 5’ Q&A)




13:30-14:30 Registration & Buffet Lunch
14:50 Valentin Valtchev Opening
Chair: Valentin Valtchev 
15:00 1. Paul Wright

St. Andrews University, UK

The designed synthesis of zeolite adsorbents and catalysts
15:30 2. Freek Kapteijn

Delft University, The Netherlands

The effect of earth alkaline elements on the MTO over some zeolites
16:00 3. Jeffrey Rimer

University of Houston, USA

Identifying new paradigms in zeolite crystal engineering
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 4. Emiel Hensen

Eindhoven University, The Netherlands

Understanding zeolite formation: towards rational design of hierarchically organized porous solids
17:30 5. Dominique Massiot

CNRS, France

Geometrical and chemical order in crystalline and amorphous materials
19:30 Dinner




7:00 Breakfast
Chair: Jean-Pierre Gilson 
9:00 6. Javier Garcia-Martinez

University of Alicante, Spain

Recent advances in hierarchical zeolites through surfactant templating
9:30 7. Wu-Cheng Cheng

Grace Davison, USA

The effect of unit cell volume on the activity and selectivity of ZSM-5 additives in FCC
10:00 8. Nikolai Nesterenko

TOTAL, Belgium

To be announced
10:30 9. Suheil Abdo


To be announced
11:00 Coffee Break
Chair: Christian Fernandez
11:30 10. Matthias Thommes

Quantachrome, USA

Surface and textural characterization of hierarchically structured porous materials by utilizing wetting and non-wetting fluids
12:00 11. Shunsuke Asahina

JËOL, Japan

Surface analysis of nano porous materials by using extremely low voltage scanning electron microscopy
12:30 12. Irina Ivanova

Moscow State University, Russia

Application of in situ MAS NMR to unravel mechanisms of hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites
13:00 Lunch
Chair:  Frédéric Thibault-Starzyk
14:30 13. Johannes Lercher

TUM, Germany

Role of water for elimination reactions in molecular sieves
15:00 14. Eduardo Falabela

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Microwave assisted catalytic conversion of polysaccharides over modified Y zeolites
15:30 15. David Farrusseng

CNRS, France

Synthesis of size and composition-controlled bimetallic nanoparticles protected by zeolite nanoboxes – application to size selective hydrogenation and oxidation
16:30 Excursion
20:00  Banquet



7:00 Breakfast
Chair: Svetlana Mintova 
9:00 16. Freddy Kleitz

Laval University, Canada

Nanoporous hybrid and core-shell materials for separation and catalytic applications
9:30 17. Samuel Valable

Cyceron, CAEN, France

Zeolites as hyperoxic gases carrier for glioblastoma
10:00 18. Joaquin Perez-Pariente

CSIC, Spain

Natural zeolites-based materials for the removal of fluoride from drinking water. Scientific background and implementation perspectives.
10:30 19. Valeska Ting

University of Bath, UK

Investigating trapdoor zeolites for challenging gas separations
11:00 Svetlana Mintova Concluding remarks


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